Saving a Damsel in Distress on Liberty St

March 31, 2022 while walking down Liberty Street in the Historic District of Savannah Georgia, the Cruising Buddies Men witnessed a vehicle hit the center median. It didn’t look good as the vehicle jumped up and we saw a puff of debris so we just had to help.

The vehicle pulled over to investigate so we walked over to take a look and offer our assistance. The front left tire had a gaping hole in it and it was clear this person wasn’t going anywhere soon. We approached the vehicle but not too close so as to not look threatening and used hand signals to communicate through the closed windows.

Rather than roll her windows down, she exited the vehicle and after some discussion, welcomed our assistance. Ron and Ed went to straight to work, pulling out her spare tire, jack and other accoutrements necessary to get the job done. Jerry and I supervised as well as interviewed the young lass so we could document the encounter.

While I was having fun interviewing Ebba, she had to point out that my phone’s video was not rolling so she tapped the record button and continued. She was a natural in front of the camera and hammed it up for us. It turns out Ebba is a student at the The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), which we had toured not more than a couple of hours prior.

It’s a wonderful school that prepares talented students for creative professions.  After Ron and Ed finished putting the spare on Ebba’s vehicle, we took a selfie together and said goodbye.  Of course, we had to give her some parental advice. After all we all had our own kids, including daughters. So we reminded her that the spare was only for driving at slow speeds and was not to be driven any further than necessary.

Ron was impressive with the tire change, especially since we had just stopped at Leopold’s Ice Cream so he was weighed down a bit by all that dairy h had just consumed. 😁

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