Sample Testimonials On LinkedIn for Alex Cena

Matt Desch
CEO, Iridium Communications Inc.
“While I hesitate to make recommendations, I was very impressed with Alex’s work as one of the top telecom analysts back when I interacted with him regularly in the roaring 90s – smart, thorough, and willing to dig into the real beef. He’s also a straight-up guy as well, showing integrity in everything he did.”

Glenn Powers
Sr. Portfolio Manager at bcIMC
“I’ve known Alex’s work in telecom equipment for more than 20 years. Alex brings together a deep knowledge of telecom, wireless and networking technology with a great sense of where companies are going strategically. Alex also has a strong feel for the stock market and what drives valuation. Most importantly, Alex has strong values, real integrity and is a pleasure to work with.”

Thomas Lee
Managing Director at JPMorgan
“Alex Cena was a highly regarded Senior Analyst covering the Telecom Equipment Sector. We worked for several years together at Salomon Smith Barney. He was very insightful and a good business partner.”

Mark Herskovitz
Senior Portfolio Manager at BNY Mellon Wealth Management
“Alex provided research coverage on telecom and wireless companies to me when I was the manager of the Dreyfus Tech fund. He was an excellent analyst being very thoughtful and creative in his approach. He also had a good eye for valuation and helped us select outperforming stocks.”

Lars Lindell
President ST-Ericsson Japan
“I worked with Alex during my time with Salomon Smith Barney. Alex’ track record as #1 ranked analyst at Wall Street for several consecutive years speaks for itself. Alex has achieved his success via his ability to digest a large volume of complex information and destill it down to simple and easy to grasp investment recommendations. He managed a small but very effective group of people who helped him churn out a large volume of consistent and good equity research.”

Mary Henry
Board Member at firstRain and Avaya
“Alex was a hard-working and creative communications technology research analyst who was always highly respected. His years of experience on Wall Street will serve him well in anything he undertakes.”

Bart Stuck
Chairman at Optical Vaults Inc
“I have worked with Alex Cena for over a decade in the networking and telecommunications equipment business, advising different clients on fundamentals of the companies in this business. Throughout that time, Alex was an outstanding analyst with excellent analytic skills in gathering data, in analyzing the data, and interpreting the data for clients. He possesses the highest integrity and honesty.”

Bill Saltonstall
Institutional Sales at Craig Hallum
“Alex, was always a standout in his analysis of Co’s and service to clients. Excellent person to work with. Highly recommend ”

Julie Cunningham
Investor Relations and Corporate Comm Professional
“I worked closely with Alex for several years when I was the head of Investor Relations at Qualcomm. Alex was a top-rated analyst who earned his stellar reputation by working harder than everyone else and going deeper into the technology, the market, significant developments, and the associated financial implications. Alex was one of the few analysts I’ve ever worked with who was willing to make a call ahead of the pack, one of the reasons he was so highly valued by the Street. From a company perspective, we appreciated Alex’s commitment, his accuracy and his fairness. He is also incredibly smart and personable.”

Glen Hettinger
Norton Rose Fulbright
“Alex is smart and hard working and a man of high character. He is a top flight professional.”

Lee Hamilton, Ph.D., P.E.
Entrepreneurial, Hands-On CEO
“Alex was the top telecommunications and wireless equipment analyst on Wall Street for many years. His insightful analysis made him the thought leader. He made it to the top because he was (and is) extremely bright and a tireless worker.”

Anthony V Xuereb
Formerly with Alliance Capital
“In my dealings with Alex regarding telecom equipment equities, I could always rely on him to provide insight into the critical factors determining each company’s industry standing and fundamentals; while at the same time also having a good timing sense about the stocks and their valuation drivers.

Jim Given
Institutional Equity Sales at RBC
Alex was an exceptional analyst. He was respected within our firm, and by most in our industry. He build and brought a lot of business to our firm. His relationships with clients and also with managements he covered were the best in the industry.”

Ben Bell
COO/CFO (Co-Founder) of William K. Woodruff & Co, LLC
“Alex is an excellent telecommunications equipment analyst and detailed thinker who has developed great insights that have been very valuable for our investment decision-making in that sector.”

Gary Pinkham
Corporate communications, strategy and business development advisory services
“I’ve known and worked with Alex for a number of years and always found his analysis and conclusions to be insightful, candid and fair. Alex has thorough knowledge of the telecommunications industry as shown through his reports and presentations. He was also publicly recognized as a top Wall St analyst by his peers and clients.”

Julie Levenson
Partner and Co-Founder at La Honda Advisors
“Alex is highly intelligent and provides great insights to clients. He is a great team player and was a pleasure to have on the team.”

Jeffrey Waters, CFP®
President, Board of Trustees at United States Wrestling Foundation
“I had the pleasure to work with Alex Cena directly in my role as Associate Director of U.S. Equity Research at Salomon Smith Barney. In brief, Alex was a superstar. He was the top ranked Telecommunications Equipment analyst on Wall St. at a time when that sector was incredibly competitive and the demand for his product was at a very high level. Alex was a thoughtful and insightful analyst, an effective marketer, and a strong mentor to his staff. From a management point of view, he was low maintenance and he functioned effectively without a lot of day-to-day input from management. I would recommend Alex Cena for any role he is inclined to take on – he is multi-talented.”

Phil Bounsall
President at Walker Information, Inc.
“Alex followed a company when I was the CFO. I always found him to be very knowledgeable and his analytical skills were right on. I not only enjoyed working with him, but I also knew that his clients would have a good understanding of our business. Top notch professional.”

Mike Polcyn
Researcher/ Lecturer at Southern Methodist University
“I interacted with Alex over an extended period of time during my tenure at Intervoice during which I held various technical and business roles. Most of my interaction with Alex was in keeping him (and others) informed of our technology innovations and product offerings. I was always impressed with his ability to grasp relatively complex technical concepts quickly and his ability to frame them and their relative position within an expansive and competitive landscape. He always asked probing questions and was astute in picking up nuances of an offering that may not be obvious to all. He was always fair in his assessments and criticisms and was open to discuss issues where we may not have seen things the same way. I would highly recommend Alex to any prospective employer.”

Darren vonBehren
Decisive Strategies
“Alex has an excellent understanding of markets and technology. Very few people share his work ethic and ability. Quality and integrity are words that describe Alex and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”


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