Watch Me as Investor on Make Me a Millionaire Inventor on November 10th

Please watch CNBC’s Make Me a Millionaire Inventor which airs this Thursday nights at 10pm Eastern/Pacific and follows right after Shark Tank.  The title of the November 10th episode is  “Eco-Hacking The Planet” and I will appear as one of the investors.

From the CNBC website, the producers highlight “Deanne Belle  and George Zaidan explore two ideas that could not only save the world, but could also make millions.  Deanne teams up with the inventor of the Hive Genie, and George meets two recent Penn grads who have created the Mowa water filter.”

Most of the show focuses on the journey of these talented inventors.  The investor’s role is but a small part near the end of the journey  for these entrepreneurs who are taking their ideas from the planning stage to the marketplace.

It was a fun experience to be part of the show’s cast as an investor where I was able to ask the inventor a lot of due diligence questions for almost two hours.  The show will obviously distill those 120 minutes into only a few minutes to fit the narrative.

So stay tuned to see how it all fits together on Make Me a Millionaire Inventor.

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